Adjusting to Apartment Living- Life Rant

SO WE'RE COMING UP TO 4 WEEKS living here in our new apartment. It's been a strange transition so far. New things to learn, old habits to adapt, and lifestyle changes that need to evolve. Slowly but surely we're working into a groove and getting used to this. It's different. Sometimes it's difficult, but we're adjusting... Continue Reading →

Dauntless: Boss Battle the Game- Opinion

DO YOU LIKE SLAYING giant monsters? Exploring lush vistas? And traversing mountainscapes, while carrying a huge @$$ sword, decked out in armor forged by the carcass of your latest hunt? Well, then you'd have a pretty rip-roaring time with Dauntless! About the Game DAUNTLESS is a free-to-play game where you hunt big mother effin' monsters.... Continue Reading →

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