Skyrim: Move it!- Opinion

I DECIDED TO RANT about one of the most infuriating aspects of Skyrim: the fact that characters don’t move out of your way. I don’t understand why this problem wasn’t addressed before the game was shipped? I mean, it’s not a game breaking problem, but it can lead to some controller throwing rage in some scenarios!

I MEAN, IN FALLOUT, your characters would kindly step to the side, and allow you to pass by them. Now I’ll admit there were times, even with NPCs, where a character would just stand in your way…staring at you, like they’re waiting for you to do something, just asking to be killed so you can move on! But it was never a problem in Fallout. In Skyrim, your companions, or any PC, will stand like a freaking statue, staring straight into your eyes in defiance. They’re challenging you. Serious, they are an immovable wall that will block you from moving past them! And no amount of blistering and hollering will cause them to move! I just want to get through the doorway, please!

THEN THEY TAUNT YOU with automatic voice stabs: “What would you like me to do?” Move!!! The only way I’ve found around this is to run. Sometimes it works, and they stumble out of your path, crying out, “Hey! Watch it.” like I was in their way? Sometimes even running into them causes no sort of reaction. So I jump around, rush them, and eventually I manage to break through.

IT’S ALSO FUN when you walk into a room, and they follow you, just to stand right in the middle of the doorway, so there’s no way you can get out! I’m not sure if this is just a PC problem or if it’s something the console versions share, since I’ve only played Skyrim on the computer. Thank you for your time!

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