Doctor Horrible- Opinion

JEN AND I WATCHED Dr. Horrible last night.  Why have I never watched this movie?  It came out in 2008!  It is so amazing!  I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack of this genius piece of art!  The first thing that struck me were the actors.  Holy balls, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris AND Felicia Day?  DUDE, that’s freaking epic, and directed by Joss Whedon…  Why have I never seen this?!

AS WITH FIREFLY, and anything Whedon creates, the dialogue was so magically interesting and genius!  The character of Doctor Horrible was absolutely amazing.  Amazing!  Penny and Captain Hammer were great too, cause how could you go wrong?  And the ending was definitely a surprise!  I loved it!  Gosh, so good!  I can’t get over how amazing it was, or over the fact that it took me till last night to experience it!  …SO GOOD…

I USUALLY FALL INTO the loop late, but oh well.  Doctor Horrible was absolutely amazing.  It was a welcome find on Netflix…since Netflix usually doesn’t have anything I want to watch.  And most of what I do want to watch I’ve already seen… I can’t wait for the sequel!  I read that they should start filming sometime next year…can’t wait.

LISTENING TO “MY  EYES”.  Such a great song!  If you haven’t seen Doctor Horrible yet, do yourself an awesome favor and check it out on Netflix!

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