Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan- Opinion

SO OVER THE PAST FEW days, Jen and I have been catching up on the new season of Doctor Who.  I have to say that the first four episodes were pretty good.  I didn’t leave them feeling annoyed, or like I’d been cheated in anyway.

I ACTUALLY ENJOYED THEM!  I haven’t enjoyed the Doctor since the 10th regenerated.  The 11th’s seasons have been a mixed bag of disappointment.  But tonight?  We finally cried over Doctor Who.  Seriously cried!  We haven’t done that since Tennants farewell in the End of Time.  The send off for the Ponds was worth the watch, and left me feeling empty when they were gone.

FINALLY, AFTER TWO SEASONS, I finally felt something.  This season is amazing!  It’s rekindled my love for Doctor Who.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!  Now, to wait for the Christmas Special.  I want to meet the new companion.

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