The Guild, Tabletop, and Dollhouse- Review

RECENTLY, I’ve jumped onto the nerd bandwagon a bit late. Again. I was late to the Doctor Who party, and I was also late to Doctor Horrible. I usually find out about these things years later, and it ends up being the greatest thing I have ever seen! Over the past month, Jenn and I have started watching Dollhouse, The Guild, and within the last few days, Tabletop on Geek and Sundry…which I found a few days ago…I’ll probably do individual rants about the episodes, but for now all I will say is that we freaking love the Guild, Dollhouse, and Tabletop. For those who have yet to experienced the magic, here’s a short overview of the shows.

DOLLHOUSE is written by Joss Whedon. Done. Do you need to know anymore?! Fine, fine. It follows a girl, named Echo, who sold herself to the Dollhouse in order to escape the issues of her old life. The Dollhouse is a corporation that deals in fantasies. Echo, one of five main Dolls who have no prior knowledge of their previous lives, is constantly brainwashed to become a client’s fantasy, be it a hiking buddy, someones bodyguard, or a lover.

THE GUILD is written and created by Felicia Day. It follows the life of Codex, who is part of an online guild, known as the Knight’s of Good. Everything begins to get interesting when one of her guild members finds her address on the internet, and decides to drop in unannounced. Vork is the best!

TABLETOP is a webshow, hosted by Wil Wheaton. Every show deals with a different board game. There are usually three celebrity guests, ranging from Morgan Webb, Collin Ferguson, Felicia Day, Grant Imahara, and Garfunkle and Oats. During the span of thirty minutes, you watch them play through the course of an entire game. Sounds boring, but it is completely intriguing to watch! I’d say it’s sort of like watching poker, but with board games instead of cards.

I SERIOUSLY CAN’T get enough of these shows! We’re up to episode 8 of Dollhouse. We really don’t want to rush it, because it was cancelled after season 2! So we’re taking that a little at a time. Of the 6 seasons of the Guild, we are up to season 5, and so far it’s been so good! And as for Tabletop, we’ve watched five episodes, and we really want to buy and play every board game we’ve seen so far! I never even knew games like these existed.

ONCE AGAIN, YES. Very late to the party. Better late than never, and I’m glad to finally be here.

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