Happy 6 Year Anniversary- Life Rant

TODAY IS OUR 6 year anniversary! I wanted to leave this here, as a memory. A quick post, as I remember the days we’ve spent together up till now, so we can look back at this in the years to come. Time moves too fast, and I want to look fondly on this day and remember us as we were.

TO MY BEAUTIFUL wife UnwakenedSheep:

THANK YOU FOR a wonderful 6 years ā¤ You’re amazing and I love you! šŸ˜€ It’s been a fast 6 years. 3 babies later, some ups, some downs, some struggles, and a lot of amazing times, here we are! Still together. Still in love. Still making our way through this crazy and messed up world, hand in hand, still going strong.

THANK YOU FOR being by my side, putting up with my nonsense, and being my best friend. Thank you for being my light when I feel like the darkness is closing in, and I just want to give up on everything. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life. I love that we can draw together, watch anime together, geek out on video games together, and do everything and anything together!

HERE’S TO THE REST of our lives and spending them together till the ends of time and beyond ā¤ Love you!

OKAY, NOW IT’S TIME to get some breakfast and have some Vente Macha Green Tea Frappuccinos! My wife just found out about them like last week, and we cannot stop drinking them XD They’re so freaking good! This is definitely going to be the start of a new tradition!

NOW, FOR EVERY ANNIVERSARY, till the end of time, we will have to get Macha Green Tea Frappuccinos!

YES, AND AS YOU can see, we love masks! We wanted to have a Masquerade Ball kind of theme for our wedding. It was a small, intimate gathering, but it was freaking beautiful. Much love to everyone that made it! Especially my parents because they put the whole thing together: we love you ā¤ And to my brothers, sisters, and cousins that served as out wedding party. I’ll always remember how freaking amazing we looked! I still can’t believe this was 6 years ago. Damn man… Time, I tell you. Too fast.

THANK YOU ALL FOR reading! Like I said I just wanted to post this briefly, since we will busy today šŸ™‚ Please like, subscribe, and all that good social media jazz, and do share this blog post with your friends! As always, Iā€™m J.J. and I will be back next time with another post. You rock! Please take care, God bless. Bye~!

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