The Plan for Inktober- Daily Rant

ARE YOU READY for the month long INK-FEST that is Inktober 2018? I sure as hell am! What are your plans? Your ideas? Leave a comment and let me know! I participated last year and managed to barely scrape by. The only thing that kept me going was a daily calendar. Here’s my finished Inktober sketches for 2017!

INKTOBER IS INCREDIBLY taxing. It’s difficult to come up with a concept and execute it every single day of the month. At least, I know it was for me. However, this also pushed me to think outside the box. To try and consider ideas that I might not have though of, simply because I was forced to sketch every single day. And I must admit, I love almost everything that I came up with!

YEAH, I DID MISS a few days. During the last stretch of Inktober I lagged behind a bit and uploaded images a few days after they were supposed to be up. But in the end, I made it and finished all 31 drawings!

SO FOR THIS INKTOBER I will be cleaning up sketches! Character artwork. Fanart. You know. I have so many doodles that may or may not ever be finished. Thus, I thought it would be a good idea to spend the time and the energy during Inktober to push more of my own artwork into full realization! I would like to be able to show off some finished work, and all. Not just concepts. You know?

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