Soundwave?! Bumblebee Movie- Coming Soon

ARE YOU EXCITED for the new Bumblee movie? I totally am!

THE NEW TRAILER for the Bumblee movie looks freaking amazing! My wife and I were already looking forward to this movie’s release, specifically because she is a huge Bumblebee fan. Truth be told, we also loved a few of the Micheal Bay Transformers movies! Heh, I think we’re pretty much the only ones. We didn’t like all of them, just two in the series.

THE FIRST MOVIE was terrible. The second movie, Revenge of the Fallen, was pretty entertaining. We enjoyed it! This is when she started falling in love with Bumblebee. Then the third movie, Dark of the Moon, was freaking baller, son! We loved the third one. But Age of Extinction and Last Knight sucked, completely.

ANYWHO, THIS NEW trailer for the Bumblebee movie showcased some G1 designs, and they looked phenomenal! Ah my dudes, Soundwave looks freaking awesome! As an old school Transformers fan, it’s great to see those designs in an actual, live action, movie. Oh man, it was so cool seeing Shockwave, Starscream, and Ravage. I also think I spotted freaking Thundercracker (or was that Skywarp?) and one of those conehead jet Decepticons? I never liked them, but one of em’ was there, too! I’m interested to see the battle on Cybertron. I feel like it’ll be a very small part of the overall movie, but it looks epic as hell.

I GREW UP WATCHING the original G1 Transformers series. My brother and I had Soundwave, the Dinobots, Optimus Prime, all the Constructicons, and a bunch of others. My uncle owned all of the Predecons (The G1 version that combined into PredaKing). I remember it vividly because I always wanted to take it XD My cousins had Megatron, Galvatron, Scorponok, Starscream, and Unicron. Speaking of which, Transformers the Movie is still my jam!

WAS THAT NOT one of the coolest, Transformers, related trailers you’ve ever seen? Are you hyped, at all, for this? We seriously cannot wait for the Bumblebee movie!

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2 thoughts on “Soundwave?! Bumblebee Movie- Coming Soon

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    1. AHAHA XD I’m sorry man 😛 I’m glad we can still be friends, though! 😀 I know, people always freak out when I tell them I liked those movies lol But just Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon was freaking awesome! 😉 I actually like a lot of Micheal Bay’s movies though. I also liked both Turtles movies, and The Rock is one of my top favorite movies ever 😀 But OH YES, Bumblebee looks amazing, I can’t wait!!!


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