Instagram Shadowban Lifted?- Daily Rant

SO I DECIDED to check and see if my Instagram hashtags were still gone. Hidden and all that, you know? Here’s what my hastags #jjevangelista #handofrel #RelRelGL looked like before.


BUT WHEN I CHECKED the other day, all of my hashtags had been restored!


I HAD BEEN POSTING a bit about the issue, on my social media, after the initial shadowban.  I also tweeted at the official Instagram Twitter. Then, I spammed a few messages using the “Report a Problem” feature.  I copy and pasted concerns about my account, more than a few times.

I’M NOT TOTALLY SURE if my posts and rants reached the higher-ups over at Instagram, or if the ban was lifted organically simply because I jumped off of the platform for over a week? Either way, I’m glad the shadowban is over and my hashtags are no longer being hidden.

I MAY OR MAY NOT go back to using the site, again. I mean, on the one hand, I still have no idea why it happened in the first place? Or why it was lifted? So I can’t ever be sure if I’ll write or post something they feel is ban-worthy. Then again, perhaps I’ll post my inked sketches there, like I did before? I just won’t be spending as much time dedicated to the site, like I use to.

IF ANYTHING, I’M KIND OF glad that it happened, because I like these Daily Rants. It keeps content on my website and I kind of treat it like my own personal Twitter/Instagram page.  I guess I will post my initial sketches and thoughts here, and then post the inked sketches to Instagram. Or something. I will continue to update the Inky Doodles here, as well. As I see it, it’s a win/win!

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