Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Important Story Elements- Daily Rant

HAVE YOU PLAYED Kingdom Hearts Unchained X? Are you a fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise? Do you want to be up to speed, when Kingdom Hearts 3 is released early next year? Then you need to play Kingdom Hearts Unchained X! The story elements are very important. Which I wasn’t expecting. There are some plot points that I feel will have some pretty significant bearing on the final game.

THEN AGAIN I could be wrong. Maybe they won’t reference anything from Unchained X? But there is so much that happens, that I feel, is really important to the overall story. I mean, as far as I know, this is the only game that delves into the history of the Master, the Foretellers, the Dandelion Leaders, and the mother freaking Keyblade War. THE Keyblade War! The reason for the Keyblade Graveyard in Birth by Sleep! If that made no sense, and you are a Kingdom Hearts fan, that is why this cute little mobile app is hella important! There were certain scenes that made me get all emotional, and this is just an app game. Seriously! I had no idea that Unchained X would be so pivotal to the series. I just thought it was going to be a simple game, with little, to no, story.


SO THE DEAL to own every single member of the Foretellers ended the other night. I was anxious to see what medals they added for this month! Is it a monthly thing? I have no idea… I just know they change them every so often, after a set period of time. Anywho, this months medal is the Stained Glass #7 Terra. Oh, okay? I’m not too much of a Terra fan.

NOW, I COULD DIG A stained glass Kairi, Xion, Larxene, or Aqua! Or one of the Organization XIII members, or even Roxas and one of the Final Fantasy crew. It was a bit of a disappointment to only have the Stained Glass Terra, seeing as how the pull from last month was all the Foretellers. I barely snagged a medal of Master Ava, in almost 7 freaking draws, and was really hoping for Master Invi. But I only managed to grab her black and white booster medal. Oh well.


THE MONTHLY QUESTS for this month are pretty good. First is the Raid, where you fight against the Merry-Go-Rowdy, which looks like a heartless that merged with the Disneyland light parade. Which is okay I guess. I would have much preferred a Raid Boss from the Final Fantasy world, or at least inspired by it, since I’m kind of worn out on how much Disney has injected itself into the KH world. I know they own the franchise, but dude. The house of mouse is bursting through at every corner of the game. I mean, I love Disney! Don’t get me wrong. But I miss the “Final Fantasy” that use to be a part of all this.

NEXT IS THE HADES CUP where you eventually face off against Cloud, Hades, and the big-bad-mother-of-all-bosses himself, Sephiroth! Finally, some Final Fantasy action up in this business! The Sephiroth battle was a bit of a disappointment, however, especially since you only get the “One-Winged” title. I was hoping for a Masamune keyblade, his wings, maybe his clothes, or hair, as a prize. Not just a title :/

THERE’S ALSO A NEW quest where you get to face off with members of Organization XIII! Which is cool and annoying at the same time. I’m only level 301, and each member goes from like 500, to over 1000, and I can only beat a few of their first forms/battles. Ah well, I wasn’t expecting to be able to defeat them that easily anyways. I tried my hand against Saix, Axel, and even my least favorite Organization member, Demyx (and his fugging Dance Water Dance BS!), in months before and got my @$$ handed to me. So it was no surprise that freaking Xaldin, Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus whooped the living crap outta me, when they got to level 1000.


UNFORTUNATELY, THE MAIN QUEST of the game is not finished. Things were starting the get really interesting, and then it just ended. I was left with “Coming Soon’ markers, wondering when the next update will be. I’ve read online that the Japanese version of Unchained X is ahead of the US version, and that we may not even have the whole story by the time Kingdom Hearts 3 drops? That really sucks, dude.  I’d like to go into KHIII with all the knowledge I can, but it can’t be helped.  Then again, I won’t be getting the game day 1, so I might just wait till Unchained X finally ends, and then pick up a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3, later on. Maybe the price will have dropped a bit, by then?


KINGDOM HEARTS UNCHAINED X is a fun little game. I have to say that I like the battle system, the story surprised me, and the amount of customization you have with each individual keyblade and the medals is extremely addicting. It’s also really cool to see medals with characters from other Disney franchises and worlds that have not a shown up in the Kingdom Hearts universe, before.  Like Judy and Nick from Zootopia, Jungle Book characters, Maoi and Moana, Miguel and Hector from Coco, The Incredibles, Cinderalla, Snow White, and even the adorable Tsum Tsum figures make a medal appearance. Probably one of my main, and only gripes, about the game is the lack of Final Fantasy. But that’s an issue I have with Kingdom Hearts, in general.

I WILL SAY, though, how much I do not give two shi**s about Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Aladdin, as far a KH worlds go.  Seriously, Unchained X just has you visiting these worlds, over and over again, with no sign of any Final Fantasy characters or stages. At all. Except for like the mog that shows up randomly throughout the story. There better be some serious Final Fantasy action in Kingdom Hearts 3, otherwise I will be sorely disappointed. Come on, Square! Where’s the FF love?

I EVENTUALLY JUST STARTED skipping the main story, because they’re all pretty much just a rehash of each fairy tale, almost beat for beat. So you essentially relive the tale of Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, while Aladdin is the only one that strays from the original concept. But that’s probably because they beat that game to hell in the rest of the Kingdom Hearts games. I am so sick of Agrabah, dude…

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