Quistis in Opera Omnia?!- Daily Rant

HAVE YOU EVER played Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia? I enjoyed the first Dissidia game on the PSP, and the newest entry, Dissidia NT, looks really fun.  Which, I may finally be able to play, soon. Thanks to my awesome brother, I may finally own a PS4 by the end of the week! He is generously hooking me up with a system. He’s so freaking awesome, love him ❤

ABOUT EVERY WEEK, or so, Opera Omnia has events where you can recruit characters and villains that are not accessible within the main story campaign. So far I’ve been able to recruit CelesMaria, and freaking Kuja. It’s so brilliant to see these characters, characters that I grew up with in older, choppy PS1 and 16-bit graphics, in fully realized 3D.  Yes, even though they are super-deformed versions of the characters, they still look amazing! But like I said, seeing them in fully fleshed out 3D models, in something like NT, would be epic as fug!

IN THIS WEEKS EVENT you can recruit Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII! That is so freaking cool, dude. I am really looking forward to recruiting her! Squall is one of my top characters, and I am hoping that Quistis has a move set that complements the team, and warrants adding her into my elite ranks. Plus she’s super hot! So there is that 😉

UNLIKE THE CONSOLE (or I guess I should say handheld, too) versions,  Opera Omnia seems to have almost (ALMOST) every character from each Final Fantasy game! Unlike the main Dissidia games that, so far, only concentrate on the main hero and villain. Although, NT has introduced Rinoa and Locke from FVIII and FFVI, respectively. So there is hope to see some of the side characters show up in the NT version. I would love to see a console version of Operia Omnia, with all the same characters.

I PRETTY MUCH HAVE every main character from Final Fantasy IX, in Opera Omnia, and I am loving it. Zidane, Kuja, Garnet, Steiner, Vivi, and even Eiko. All they need to do is add Red, Quina, Freya, and my roster will be complete! It would also be amazing to see Beatrix, Zorn, and Thorn added to the mix.

I MISSED OUT ON an older event where you could recruit Rydia from Final Fantasy IV. Freaking Rydia, son! I don’t know if the event will ever come back, but I’m really hoping that it will. She’s one of my favorite characters in the whole Final Fantasy-verse. I wonder if there’s another way to recruit her?

SO, HOW DO YOU pronounce Quistis’ name? I’ve always said Kwai-stiss. Like quiet+stiss. Just wondering since the way they say Zidane’s name in Dissidia is just odd. To me at least. I always use to say Zih-dain. But I guess it’s pronounced Zih-DAWN? WTF is that? So I’m wondering if I’ve been pronouncing Quistis incorrectly, too. Is it kwee-stiss? kwee-stICE? kwai-stICE?

THE STORY, HOWEVER, in Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia, is mediocre at best. Now, while I am hella enthused to see all these characters together, the main story lacks any sense of urgency. All the characters seem to just get along, bump into each other, hang out, and then there doesn’t seem to be any major conflict. Or, at least, they sure don’t act like it. They also do a lot of standing around? So story wise it’s a bit dull and plodding. That may be because the major villains don’t really have a driving force in any of the main scenarios. They just kind of show up and then disappear. But it is a free mobile game, so…

BUT I WILL ALSO add that the combat in Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia is really fun! Although, I would have liked to have 4-5 characters instead of 3, and the ability to switch characters out of the battle (ala Final Fantasy X) would be welcome, especially since there is a whole crap ton of characters. As it stands, though, combat is interesting and the addition of the auto button is a god send for some of the menial battles, but doesn’t overtake the need to manually take the reigns, since it doesn’t cause the characters to do special attacks. Upgrading the characters via gems, the ability to enhance your summons, and enhance all your weapons and armor, adds to the depth of play, and keeps me occupied for hours! It’s really addicting. So good!

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