Kingdom Hearts- The Story So Far!- Daily Rant

ANYONE THAT KNOW ME knows that I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Kingdom Hearts 1 is one of my favorite games of all time, and it is also the game that got my wife into video games. And from that she became obsessed with .hack G.U., Dragon Age, and the Persona series. I currently own the first two HD remakes of the series, on PS3: 1.5 Remix and 2.5 Remix. I was always upset that I couldn’t play the 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and I have, as of yet, never played Dream Drop Distance. But I do know the events of D3 from watching Youtubers play through it.

SO WITH THE ANNOUNCEMENT of Kingdom Hearts- The Story So Far, I am so freaking hyped! I recently procured a PS4, thanks to my loving brother, Niko, so I am totally ready for this. I would love to add this gem to my collection. And, if time allows, I’d like to play every single game, all the way through, before I pick up a copy of Kingdom Hearts III.

THE BEST PART about Kingdom Heart- The Story So Far, aside from the treasure trove of KH games,  is the freaking price! I mean it’s way cheaper than buying 1.5, 2.5, and 2.8! I mean, $39.99 for the entire series? That’s a steal! And, at least for me, I finally get to play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance! Although, the game doesn’t look that fun… with the Pokemon simulator and all. Oh, I mean Dream Eaters.  But as a fan, I feel like I need to play and beat D3 (at least once) before stepping into the realm of Kingdom Hearts III. Oh yes, dude! My heart is ready. And I will prepare by wrecking all of The Story So Far!

I REALLY NEED something to get my mind off all the nonsense, and I think Kingdom Hearts will do the trick! So tired, man… tired of people, society, and just little life mishaps in general, you know? So, I decided to do a late night wash, tonight. Put my clothes into the washer, and during the first rinse cycle the hose from the back somehow FALLS out? Water starts gushing all over the place, and I can’t reach the hose because it fell behind the freaking washer! I had to tug the washer away from the wall, and then somehow managed to reach the hose. But not before the whole laundry room was soaked.

IT’S SO FRUSTRATING. Just got done kicking the water out the back door and drying it up with a bunch of towels. I have a big fan blowing into the laundry room with the windows open. Whew, at least the night is over and I can sleep.

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