Halloween Plans 2018- Daily Rant

THE SPOOKTACULAR DAY of days is almost upon us. Are you ready? What are your plans for this costume-tastic holiday? We’re so ready. Oh yes, Costumes! Candy! Scares! Monsters! And more candy! Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. It also happens to be the day that our daughter looks forward to, the most! I mean, you get to dress up, walk around and see other really cool (and often times surprising) costumes, and you also get to fill buckets with candy and other treats! What’s not to love?

OUR BABIES ARE STILL small. Just 5, 3, and 1. But my wife and I are trying to create traditions of our own. Things that we will try, enjoy, and hopefully pass down throughout the years. Something to build memories. Something to look back on when all is said and done. So, here is a list of our plans, our traditions, that we hope to follow in the years to come, and beyond!


WHEN MY DAUGHTER was 1-years-old, we visited a Pumpkin Patch, in town. It was the first time that I’d even been to one, and I think it was the first time for my wife, as well. It was interesting! Just a giant field, filled with pumpkins of every shape and size. There was also a small park and even a petting zoo. My daughter was terrified of the goats XD We picked out a few pumpkins and carved them! It was such a unique experience that we decided to do it every year! When our son was born, we took him to the Pumpkin Patch for the first time. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it out this year. Maybe this weekend, just to visit?


OUR DAUGHTER absolutely loves to dress up. And my wife loves to cosplay. So Halloween is the perfect holiday! Over the last few years we decided to visit Spirit Halloween and Party City, each October.  We’re in loves with these stores and it’s always cool to see what costumes they have to offer. My kids all have their own things that their into, and they tend to gravitate towards those interests. My daughter, of course, is enamored with princess dresses, My Little Pony, and anything that flows or has frills. My son is oddly into cars (I’m not into cars at all), Transformers, and dinosaurs. So watching their excitement as they browse the costumes is always fun times! And you can never go wrong with all the cool Halloween decorations.


IT’S A MESSY ENDEAVOR but my kids seem to enjoy it 🙂 And I mean, for Halloween, you’ve got to carve a pumpkin! I will admit, though, that I wish I could carve and handle the creation process a bit better. Each year, my pumpkins never turn out the way I hoped they would. I have some dazzling, over the top ideas! But in the end they always look like a run of the mill jack-o-lantern :/ Heh, I do wish that I could control the carving utensils the way I do a pen. There would be masterpieces every year!


THERE’S A WONDERFUL LIST of movies that we love. Halloween themed, or course! Yes, you’ve got to watch a Halloween themed movie, to set the tone of the month! Ours is a bit more kid friendly, but my wife is a huge horror buff, so we try to sneak a few scarier films in, while the babies are asleep. Netflix is a pretty good go to! Do you have a go to list, specific for the spooky season? Our main movies are Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas.


LASTLY, THE HIGHLIGHT of the holiday season! My daughter, especially, loves to go out, from house to house, trick or treating, and getting free candy. It’s all she talks about after Halloween is over, and continues all the way through the rest of the year. Once she starts seeing the creepy decorations showing up on houses and in stores, she gets crazy excited! It’s awesome ❤ This year, we get to bring out 1-year-old, who is finally walking, out with his brother and sister, to experience the joy of Halloween and door to door candy! It’s going to be brilliant 🙂

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