Halloween 2018- Daily Rant

THE FINAL DAY OF OCTOBER and the trick or treat-iest day of the year has finally come, and gone! How did your Halloween go? Did you get a lot of candy? Watch scary movies? Hand out treats to costumed kiddies? Or did you just chillax, for the night? Leave me a comment and let me know!

MY FAMILY DECIDED to go out and trick or treat for the night. My wife was able to get off work early, so I was anxious to get the kids dressed, washed up, and ready for a night of candy goodness! Unfortunately, on the way to pick up my wife, and on the drive home, there were so many dumb @$$ drivers. I was cut off, tail gated, and stuck behind a slow moving truck.  It was honestly redonk, and it set off my social anxiety like crazy! I was honestly frustrated and frazzled by the time I got home. Ah, social anxiety… a whole topic for another time. I hate it.

SHE GOT OFF AT 2PM and when we got home, I needed to lie down for awhile. I needed to clear my head. I freaking hate people… I felt a bit better after resting for a bit, though. Anywho, we kind of rushed to get everything together a bit late, but we managed to head out the door by about 7 pm.  We piled into the car and headed for a section of town that we have gone trick or treating at, every years, since my daughter was old enough to walk.

THERE WEREN’T MANY HOUSES lit up, this year. A good portion of the block was dark, with only a few houses giving out candy. A lot less than it has over the last few years. Maybe it was because we were early? What time do people usually go out to get candy? Of course, we headed out early because of the babies. It did, however, start to pick up a bit around 8 pm.

IN ANY CASE, MY KIDS LOVED going out, from house to house. When there was a bucket of candy left out, they’d grab a handful, to which we needed to tell them only one! My wife said they really are little Rel Rels 😛 They are my kids! And when someone would only give them one treat, my babies would try to grab for more. I apologized a lot that night, but everyone was cheerful and cool about it, and the night itself, despite starting off like crap, went well.

IT SEEMS LIKE EVERY HALLOWEEN, over the last few years, started out with me tired, frustrated, and severely agitated. I just hate people. But when it came to walking with my babies, getting candy, and dressing up, the night always turned out awesome. 2018 was no different. This was a small Halloween, for us. We didn’t decorate this year. We didn’t get a chance to go out to the pumpkin patch or carve any pumpkins. And we didn’t even watch Hocus Pocus or Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh! But we did watch Gnome Alone on Netflix, which we really enjoyed! I wasn’t expecting much, but it was fun.

SO ALL IN ALL, it was a decent Halloween. There was candy, trick or treating, my kids got to dress up, and they had fun. That’s all that matters, really.  Here’s to another year of waiting! I love Halloween. It’s my daughter’s favorite holiday, too. It’s all she talks about, until the day of Halloween. I mean, how can you go wrong with candy and dress up? I love her so much ❤

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