Top #5 Things That Inspire Creativity- Creative Rant

WHAT INSPIRES YOU to create? Are you an Artist? A Writer? A Musician? Cosplayer? Do you create Youtube vidoes? Vlog or blog? Sing? Dance? What inspires you to do what you do, and do it amazingly? Aside from the innate, inborn, passion to do so!

THIS IS A TOP 5 LIST of what inspires me to write and to draw.  It may not be what inspires everyone, but it’s what gives me the motivation to do what I do! YEAH, SON! Let’s go.

#5- Shows

HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED a TV show, or a movie, and when it was over, you left it thinking, Holy Sh**! I need to go make something? Yeah, that creative spark is why I love watching a good show! Any form of visual entertainment can work, from anime, TV, movies, and even web shows! Anything that gets those creative juices pumping. If you watch and want to make something, it works!

SOME SPECIFIC SHOWS and movies that come to mind, for me, in no particular order, are: Doctor Who, Man in the Iron Mask, Dragon Ball ZThe Originals, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective AgencyKill la Kill (not that b**** @$$ ending, though), Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Sean of the Dead, Firefly, Harry PotterPan’s Labyrinth, The Walking DeadMy Neighbor Totoro, Spirited AwayThe RockStar WarsCowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, and Re: Zero.

#4- Artists

YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG by searching through the work of your favorite creators. Writers. Artists. Musicians. You can always find someone whose work will inspire the living f*** out of you!

A FEW OF MY FAVORITE, and most influential, artists are: Gris Grimly (Wicked Nursery Rhymes), Alphonse Mucha, Skottie Young (I Hate Fairyland), Jason Chan (Riot Games), Jim Lee (X-men)Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim)Bryan lee O’malley (Scott Pilgrim), Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose), Aaron Diaz (Dresden Codak), and of course my younger brother, N!ko.

#3- Video Games

THE WEALTH OF IMAGINATION that goes into a video game is something I usually don’t find in any other medium. Maybe in anime? What I mean is that a lot of the characters, plots, and visual ideas are usually something so strange, so outlandish, and so freaking peculiar, that you wouldn’t see them in a book, or a movie (even though God knows they tried a few times and F’ed it all to hell, each time). Which is a shame, because I’d love to see a proper adaptation of some video games. I actually truly love the stories, and characters, in a lot of video games. A lot of my favorite stories came from games.

SOME OF MY MOST loved and cherished video games, that still have a fond place in my heart, and still inspire me to create, are: Nights into Dreams, Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Cross, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Psychonauts, Persona 5, Guardian Heroes, Dragon ForceShining Force III, Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy IV, Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Legend of Zelda.

#2-  Music

DO YOU EVER LISTEN TO a song, over and over again, because it elicits such a powerful emotion, that you begin to visualize a scene? A scenario? An event so vividly, that you need to write, and try to recreate what you see in your mind’s eye? I do. So, I use that flood of thought and emotion to cultivate various scenes in my stories. I try to set the mood, almost like theme music, whenever I write. It’s extremely helpful, and useful, when crafting a chapter with a specific emotion you want to convey!

SONGS THAT INSPIRE THE hell out of my imagination are: Vale Decem (Doctor Who), Surrounded (Man in the Iron Mask), Hummel gets Rockets (The Rock), One Winged Angel (Black Mages), Dark Messenger & You’re Not Alone (Final Fantasy IX), and Duel of Fates (Star Wars: Episode I).

#1- Books

NOW, WHILE I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all the other creative mediums, and the different senses that they evoke,  nothing can beat sitting down and reading a good book. Especially when I enjoy the writer’s style, and the way that they visualize the worlds through just the written word. It is so freaking baller! And the ability to create and orchestrate the scenes in your own head is more powerful than anything a game or movie can offer. It’s f***ing magical, I tell you!

A FEW OF MY FAVORITE WRITERS are Frank E. Peretti, Ted DekkerMadeleine L’engle, C.S. Lewis, Neil Gaiman, E.M. Forester, and Lois Lowry. I seem to enjoy writers that write clear descriptions. Something easily accessible. Which is why, as you can tell from my list, I enjoy reading authors that write for younger readers. Although, Peretti and Dekker don’t write for young people… unless you count the The Veritas Project and Cooper Kids series… but anywho… Some of my favorite books are Piercing the Darkness, This Present Darkness, A Wrinkle in Time, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, StardustShowdown, The Collected Tales of E.M. ForesterThe Graveyard BookGathering Blue, and The Giver.

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THANKS SO MUCH for reading. I’m J.J. and these are my daily rants. I try to update at least once a week! Please, be sure to like, subscribe, and share this post with everyone you know and love 😉 Take care my friends. YOU ROCK~! 

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