Getting Sick Over the Holiday- Life Rant


I STARTED TO FEEL A LITTLE under the weather, during Thanksgiving vacation. It was just a scratchy throat. My kids weren’t feeling to well on Thanksgiving day, either, but they were uber excited to have family over, and were even more excited to see their younger cousins.

IT WAS RAINING THAT DAY but they had a grand ol’ time running around and exploring with their cousins. Then, the following day? My daughter was throwing up, and my youngest son was running a fever.


MY DAUGHTER COULDN’T HOLD anything down, and my youngest son running a pretty decent fever. That lasted for a few days before they started to get better. And then, my oldest son, who had been fine while the other two were sick, came down with a fever, too. So the other babies were fine now, and now he was resting in bed.

YESTERDAY, I DROPPED MY WIFE OFF AT at work. Still raining. My daughter had fallen asleep, on the car ride home. Oh, and my son was finally starting to feel better! So, I had thought that the bug was beyond, us now. Thank God!

HOWEVER, WHEN WE GOT HOME, I took off my daughter’s rain jacket and asked her to wait for me in the room. As I was hanging her jacket up, I heard water spilling? I looked into the room, and she is vomiting all over the carpet! She looked oddly unfazed and unconcerned as she threw up a few more times. At least it didn’t seem to bother her?

I, ON THE OTHER HAND was really upset. We had hot dogs the night before, and there were pink chunks of hot dog, mixed with her bile. And when I bent down to pick it up? The hot dogs just squished into nothingness. It was so gross!


MY KIDS TOOK A LONG NAP, after my daughter vomited all over the place. I napped along with them… and when I woke up? My body ached, I felt like I didn’t have any energy, I was freezing, and I felt dizzy. S***. Yup, it was my turn. I got sick last night.

IT WAS A LONG NIGHT. I was tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable. I had a few blankets on but it still felt like I was in a freezer. I bundled myself up and managed to sleep. Sort of. I woke up today feeling better, but my legs ache? I feel lethargic, and I feel like someone kicked me in the crotch? This sucks.

OH, AND I ALSO WOKE UP feeling freaking nauseous. Luckily, I didn’t start throwing up at all, or at least, not yet. Hopefully I don’t. I feel better. Ish? But damn man, I hate being sick.

IN BETTER NEWS THOUGH my kids are all better. Hopefully I can beat this in the next few days… because this is not fun times.

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