How to Get into the Christmas Spirit- Holiday Rant

HOW DO YOU GET INTO the Christmas spirit? And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, how about Kwanzaa? Hanukkah? Or just get into the spirit of this wintery holiday, in general? There’s less than a week left before the wonderful day, that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, is upon us! Are you excited? I sure as hell am!

AS I’VE GOTTEN OLDER, Christmas has slowly lost it’s magic. Maybe because I’ve become more of a cynic with age. Or the fact that time moves too fast, and Christmas marks the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one. It means I get a year older, my kids grow up a little more, and another year is gone. Which sucks! It was also hard to get into the season after losing Sean and Uncle Don, of course.

THIS YEAR, HOWEVER, despite all the lows, my wife and I really want to get into the season. To create memories, to spend a moment being happy with our little family. There’s too much depressing nonsense in life. We want to look back fondly, when the years are nothing more than a memory. We’re both getting older and our children continue to grow up. We want to cherish this time, despite all the bad. We have to, or risk missing it all.

SO, ANYWAYS, HERE is my list of 5 things that we do, as a family, to get into the Christmas spirit! It may not be what you do, but this is how we get things started. We try to begin the holiday season at the beginning of December. December 1st, son. And… go!

#1- Pick Out a Tree

TO START THINGS OFF you have to get a tree. You have to! While I was growing up my family had a fake tree, but also had real trees on many occasions. There was also a few years, that I remember fondly from my childhood, where my dad would take us out into the woods and we would chop a damn tree down. In the middle of the freaking snow. Seriously. I hated it XD

I ALSO REMEMBER A TIME when we would be driving around, and my dad would spot a tree and exclaim, “There! We’re chopping that one down!” And no joke, we’d park the car, he’d ready the chainsaw, and that tree would come down. We also use to go out and chop our own firewood. Yes, in the snow. It was madness I tell you. Madness! But, still a fun memory ❤

AS FOR ME AND MY little family, we decided to go with a fake tree. A a cute 4′ Christmas tree with multicolored lights already installed. It’s freaking adorable, man! And oh so easy to set up. No snow trekking necessary. It came in two parts: the top and the bottom. Click them together, and bam! Done. No dying tree later on, no wilted leaves, or a carcass sitting in your driveway waiting to be thrown out. Nope! Just disassemble, and store. My kind of tree!

#2- Decorate

ONCE YOU HAVE THE perfect tree set up in the proper place, next comes the decorating! Growing up, my family went all out. The house was always lit up, from the inside, out, with colorful lights, garlands, wreaths, ornaments, flowers, Christmas cards, a small porcelain town, and a nativity scene. I have to say, it was one of my favorite times of the year specifically  because of how festive and colorful everything was. So brilliant!

THIS YEAR, WITH OUR TREE in place, my kids had a blast decorating it. Well, my two oldest babies did, while my youngest son proceeded to take off all the ornaments right after they were put up… But it makes for a beautiful memory ❤ This year, we simply decorated the tree. Maybe we’ll try to go a little bigger in the years to come, but for now, simple is better. It’s the happiness, the togetherness, and the memories that count.

#3- Christmas Songs

SO, WHILE WE DECORATED, we had Christmas music playing in the background. There’s nothing more nostalgic, and soothing, than listening to some good ol’ fashioned Christmas tunes. There’s just something about it that fills the moment with Christmas joy!

THIS IS A CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST that I found on Youtube. It has some great holiday classics! Perfect for setting the mood and nestling your mind into the spirit of the holiday. I have an entire playlist dedicated to Christmas music.

SO, YOU HAVE YOUR TREE, you’ve placed all the wonderful decorations, and lulled yourself into the Christmas spirit with some music. Now you have to watch…

#4- Christmas Movies

IN OUR HOUSE, as I would assume it is in almost every house, we have a tradition of watching Christmas movies. Classic films that we watch year after year, that always fill you with holiday cheer! HAH, see what I did there? Must watch movies, that my family enjoyed watching, were A Christmas Story, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snow Man, and It’s a Wonderful life.

THIS IS A TRADITION THAT I plan to pass along to my children. We’ve also added Nightmare before Christmas, classic Disney cartoons, and some Netflix specials to the list.

#5- Pop Corn Tin & Hot Cocoa

LAST, BUT CERTAINLY not least, is freaking hot chocolate and a pop corn tin. A few years ago, when my daughter was first born, my wife and I were shopping and happened upon some large tins. They had colorful, Christmasy designs. Visually, they just looked really cool. We decided to pick one up, since it was only like $5.

I WAS EXPECTING CANDY or something, but to my surprise, it was filled with three types of popcorn: regular, buttery, and caramel! Then, we decided to add hot cocoa to the mix. That, along with the decorations, the tree, and the music, made everything perfect. Absolutely special. There’s something so satisfying about relaxing with your loves ones, while munching on various types of popcorn, and sipping some warm chocolate. Preferably topped with marshmallows, whip cream, or vanilla ice cream. Ah dude, so good!

Closing Thoughts

ASIDE FROM PRESENTS, PARTIES, and caroling, this is how we start off the month of December. I know most people don’t celebrate till later, but we like to have the Christmas theme last for all of December. I mean, everything is so fleeting, and it’s nice to spend the final month of the year with some much needed Christmas merriment! God knows we freaking need it, dude. I’m sure we all do, so why not? Merry Christmas, all! Happy Holidays and all that. Enjoy your December. I pray that, no matter what you celebrate, that you’ll find happy and peace during the holiday, no matter what you’re going through.

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