The Day After Christmas- Holiday Rant

HOW DID YOUR CHRISTMAS and Christmas Eve go? Or, how have your holidays been so far? Now that the most wonderful time of the year has come and gone, and the all but inevitable New Year closes out 2018, I have to say it feels kind of weird. Was this a strange year for anyone else?

I JUST GOT BACK FROM dropping my wife off at work. And as always, neighbors decided they wanted to pack up their car when I stepped out, I was tailgated on the drive, and a big white truck drove on the other side of the lane, so he could park right in front of the store! The usual stuff. Ah yes, people being d***s, as always. That’s my day after Christmas, so far! I’m done with the holidays.

I Hate the Holidays

I THINK I AM SLOWLY starting to hate the holidays. I’m turning into a grinch. You see movies, and songs, and shows about family togetherness, peace on earth and good will towards men, and all that good stuff. But the truth of it? Most people are, I guess. But it’s all about rushing, buying things, getting what you want, what you need, and screw everyone else.

PEOPLE TURN INTO @$$holes! I mean you can’t drive without almost getting hit, or go shopping without being swamped in the parking lot, dodging cars as you walk to the front entrance, and literally having to push your way through hordes of people in the grocery store. No one cares. I’ve watched people zooming through the aisles, trying to beat each other to the next section, cutting anyone off that gets in their way. People burst out of side aisles without looking, they barge right past you, or just gather in the middle of the aisle with no regard to anyone trying to make their way through. It’s insensitive chaos. I mean, that’s usually par the course when going out, but there’s an extra special dose of madness during the holidays.

Crappy Christmas Eve

CHRISTMAS EVE WAS JUST @$$. My kids were in a bitter mood from the moment they woke up. We had a late start and my wife was almost late for work. On the way to drop her off, I was tailgated, cut off, and had drivers slow down in front of me the whole way to her job. And that was just the morning. It put me in a sour mood for the rest of the day. I freaking hate drivers and driving.

SO, AS I MENTIONED in a previous post, we decided to pick up a small, prelit, 4′ tall Christmas tree. It’s cute and we love it! Well, we weren’t able to get presents this year, so the bottom of the tree was bare. My daughter really got into the Christmas Spirit, and wondered where all the presents were? Sadly, I had to apologize and say we weren’t getting any, this year. Maybe next year, I told her.

SHE DECIDED THAT IT was all right. And she took the tape, bows, and wrapping paper and decided to start wrapping things we had around the room. She wrapped diapers, wipes, my son’s Optimus Prime action figure, an old Gamecube Sonic Collection box, and put them under the tree. She was so proud of herself! She was like, “See daddy, Santa brought Christmas presents for us.” I love her so much ❤

FAMILY WAS GATHERING AT the house, for our traditional Christmas dinner, and opening of presents at midnight. I just wasn’t feeling it this year, though. I kept to myself, staying in the room, waiting for 5pm to hit so I could go and pick up my wife.

IT WAS FREAKING CHAOS when I headed out, to pick her up. It was a little after 5pm. All the major stores were closing at 6pm for Christmas Eve. Everyone was hustling and bustling, charging around town, trying to do their last minute shopping, before Christmas. There was traffic, cars were speeding around like mad men, people cutting each other off, with no regard for other cars.

I ALMOST GOT HIT as a car bolted down a side street like he had just stolen something, didn’t even look, and screeched to a halt with the front end of their car sticking out into the main road! I hit the brakes, swerved, missed him, and cussed my freaking head off. Are you serious, man? Like I said, I hate the holidays.

MY WIFE AND I decided to stop off at Rite-Aid, afterwards, to pick up some candy, an elf & Santa hat for our kids, some cheap toy cars for our sons, and a baby doll for our daughter. We figured we’d get something, for the holiday, even if it wasn’t much.

AS FOR THE FAMILY CHRISTMAS DINNER? We missed it. While we were out, they decided to have it without us. I mean, I left without telling anyone, so there is that. So that was also upsetting.

MY WIFE HAD WORK early the next morning, so we turned in early for the night. We usually open presents with the family at 12am, but we were already passed out by then. I was tired, upset, and just done with the day.

Christmas Day

WE WOKE UP EARLY THE next morning to a pile of presents in front of our door. My parents had bought a bunch of presents for our kids! There was even a large box for me and my wife. I gathered them up, set them next to the tree, and waited for my kids to wake up.

IT WAS AN AWESOME SIGHT to wake up to since, like I said, we couldn’t really get any substantial gifts, this year. It made me regret missing the 12am Christmas present opening. Even so, once my kids woke up they were excited! But, we decided to open presents once my wife got off at 4:15 pm. They weren’t too happy about that lol

SO WE DROPPED MY WIFE OFF at work, and we headed back to the house. I went out, wished my family Merry Christmas, and for the rest of the day my kids simply played with their cousins. It was a nice Christmas. Later, once my wife was home, we opened presents, and Christmas went well into the night. It was good. It was memorable.

IT WAS ONE OF THE smallest Christmases we’ve ever had. Usually, my aunts, uncles, and other cousins would show up. Family get-togethers, especially during the end of the year, have always been huge, grand events. But this year? It was only my family (my parents, my brother, his wife and kids, and my sisters) and my cousin Alyss. That was it. It was intimate, and still a merry Christmas, but it was so small? Awesome and lovely nonetheless ❤

After Christmas

MY DAUGHTER WAS UPSET when I told her Christmas was over, and we needed to take our tree down. She hung her head, pouted her lip and simply said, “No, daddy. Please, we can’t. It’s Christmas.” She’s so adorable ❤

IT’S TIME TO TAKE DOWN the lights, the stockings, and pack everything away till next year. The holidays, for me have been a mixed bag. I know that I have been crapping all over Christmas pretty much this entire post, but it is a bitter-sweet kind of thing to realize that this may be one of the last familiar Christmases that I will ever have. 2019 will be completely different. How about you?

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