Moving Out: What We’re Looking For- Life Rant

IF YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to move, where would you go and what would you look for? You know, House Hunters-style? How many bedrooms, what kind of amenities, location, price, details, and all that good stuff? Well, in the next month or so, my wife and I will be moving! This is one of our top 2019 New Years Resolutions, and it’s finally coming to fruition.

NOW IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING that you can’t get everything you want in a place. But it doesn’t hurt to have a list of what you want, and what you’re looking for. It helps narrow down the process, and hopefully leads you to a place that works, with a few compromises here and there. Just like House Hunters! Did I mention my wife and I love House Hunters?” We do. It’s so fun! But I guess in our case that would be Apartment or Townhouse Hunters. Here’s a list of what we’re looking for!

2 Bedrooms

2 BEDROOMS is what we would like to have, ideally. I mean, there are five of us at the moment (Me, my wife, my daughter, and two sons. No plans for more!). We’d like a room for us and a room for our 3 babies. My youngest son, our one-years-old, usually sleeps between me and my wife, so he’d have a choice between his sibling’s room or ours. But what we plan is to have him sleep in the second room with his brother and sister, if we can manage it. We need some privacy if you know what I’m saying?!


A TOWNHOUSE OR A SINGLE-LEVEL is a must. We don’t want anyone downstairs, or anyone above us, because of our kids. They’re loud, rambunctious, and it’d be easier for us, and our neighbors, if there was a bit of a buffer room, you know? A Townhouse would give us room to roam freely through the upstairs and downstairs, while a single level apartment would allow the comfort of not worrying about anyone pounding up above us.

Truthfully, if I had a choice in what would be available when we move, I’d choose a Townhouse all the way! I like the space that you have, and the upstairs and downstairs is just uber cool.


A GARAGE OR PARKING SPACE is something that I really want. You know, like a designated space, or an attached garage. I hate fighting for parking spaces, or searching for one, so a space, specifically for us to park our car, would be ideal. A place I know will always be open. Yes, some jerk could park there at some point. But, the idea that the space belongs to us makes a lot of difference. That, and I get to leave a nasty note if anyone ever does decide to invade our parking space.

Washer & Dryer

WASHER & DRYER hookups in the unit would be awesome, but we’d settle for just having a coin-operated laundry facility in the building. I know most places have this, but we have found a few places, that are perfect in every way, that don’t have any form of laundry on the premises?

We need this mostly because my wife needs to wash her uniform for work on almost a daily basis. She has enough shirts and aprons to last the week, but she only has a few pairs of pants. We’re looking into, hopefully, buying a pair for the whole week, so we’d only have to do laundry every now and again. However, I found some pretty decent sized, and nicely priced, portable washer and dryers that we could roll around if we find a good place without a facility or hookups.

See-through Counter

A KITCHEN WITH A SEE-THROUGH counter space is another addition we’d like to find. It’s a little harder to come by, but it’s something we’d like because it would be nice to cook and able to see our kids playing in the living room, at the same time. It’s a small unnecessary perk, but a much-desired one as well.


A BACKYARD or a small patio space in the back for the kids to play, or to place a small wading pool during the summer, is something that we’ve always wanted to have. It gets extremely hot here, in the summer, from around 95-100 degrees or more. There is a lake nearby, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or patience to drive all the way out there, so a space for the kids to cool off or run around, in the comfort of our own home, would be cool. See what I did there?

I realize that it won’t be a big backyard or space, but that’s all right. Just enough room to put a chair, maybe a small barbecuer, and a kiddie pool would be absolutely perfect.

Close to Work

LASTLY, A PLACE CLOSE TO WORK would be awesome. This is probably the most compromisable want on our list, but it would be great to be able to pop over and back, while saving gas and avoiding a long drive, since anything that lessons my time on the road with crazy drivers is always a good time, for me.

I mean, we don’t live too far from where my wife works, right now, but we’d like to be a bit closer. As close as possible, actually. Cause I hate driving and my social anxiety has been going through the roof lately. That and people suck.


ANYWAYS, HOPEFULLY, BY THIS TIME next month, I will be writing from the comfort of our own place. Preferably, a townhouse with 2 bedrooms. I’m ready. We’re ready. Thank you for reading this far. It means a lot to me.

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