Moved Out! Life in our New Apartment- Life Rant

WE GOT THE KEYS to our new apartment on May 16th, 2019! We were excited and anxious to finally move in. We filled out the lease and the rest of the paperwork at 8am and finally received the keys. All we needed to do was move our stuff in!


IT WAS A DIFFICULT MOVE. To save on money, we decided not to rent a U-haul. We already had a lot of expenses to take care of, things to buy, and food to stock. We don’t have much, and my cousin offered to help us move, along with any room in his car for boxes.

WE FIT EVERYTHING into our two, small, cars XD I was actually really surprised that we could fit that many boxes! Well, not everything. All the main items, I should say. There’s still a good portion that we need to go back and get, but we plan to grab the rest of our belongings sometime this week.

WE LIVE UP ON A HILL, and up a flight of three small stairs. It’s a strange, small complex. There’s a flight of about 7 or 8 steps that leads to a deck and the first set of apartments. Then there’s a second flight, which leads to a second deck, two more apartments, and up the last third set of stairs are two final apartment doors. One of which is ours.

WE DIDN’T HAVE MUCH to begin with, but dude, let me tell you! Lugging those boxes up all those stairs was hell on our legs! Oh, and I should also take this time to mention that the only ones moving stuff was me and my cousin. Big shout out to my dude, Sahim! Love you meng!

WE HAVE STAIRS in our apartment as well, so that was another added obstacle. So suffice it to say, I had a really nice work out XD I’ve been wanting to get back into shape, or at the very least walk or something, so I guess this was a blessing in disguise. Question mark?


THIS IS A THREE BEDROOM apartment. It isn’t huge, or lavish, but it’s good enough for my wife and our three babies. The rooms are small, but there’s enough for our bed in the master, a few beds and a TV in my kid’s room, and a decent amount of room for two desks and our computers in the third room, which shall henceforth be deemed our office!

WE HAVE AN OFFICE! Dude, that is so cool! I’ve always wanted a room dedicated to art, writing, and creativity. A place to put our computers, where I can record, sketch, and finish up some of my projects in peace. I am so ready to deck this bad boy out in Kingdom hearts, Fallout, and other video game/tv show/anime paraphernalia! It’s going to be good, my dude. So good!

THE LAYOUT OF the APARTMENT is pretty nice. The rooms and the bathroom are upstairs, while the living room and kitchen are downstairs, along with a sliding door to a small backyard. Did I mention there’s a lot of freaking stairs? Anywho, it’s not too bad. Once again, nothing too fancy or special, but it’s ours, and it’s a place for us to relax.


IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT to check everything when you move. I knew this before moving in. I knew this when we moved. But my wife and I were so blinded by the desperation of trying to find a place, that we forgot to look into a few things. And we’re paying for them now, unfortunately. A lesson learned, for the next time.

THIS PLACE HAS A LAUNDRY ROOM. A coin-operated laundry room. The day we took a look at the apartment, we forgot to ask if we could take a look at the laundry room. I figured it couldn’t be that bad, right? I kid you not, this is the dirtiest, darkest, ghetto laundry room I have seen in my f***ing life, man. Seriously. There are old socks, discarded dryer sheets, dirt, and grime all over the floor. It’s in a cement room, with a single, dim light. At night, it’s really dark because the light outside the door is busted, and it’s down a small hallway, to add to the creep factor.

It is freaking eerie. There are two washers, two dryers, all sitting against the wall in a dimly lit concrete room, and I guess I can say for obvious reasons, no coin machine. So there’s no way to make change without going to a store of something. We’ve been here for a little over a week now, and I have not seen anyone washing. At all. My wife says she saw one person the other day, but I can see why no one washes here. I don’t think this laundry room has had any maintenance in years.

THIS APARTMENT CREAKS. LOUDLY. It’s an older place, and I wasn’t aware of asking how old a place was before moving in. I just thought being soundproof was a thing that most places had. Not at all high on my priority list. At least, it wasn’t. But especially upstairs, everywhere you step creaks and moans. When the neighbors’ step, you can hear it, so I know that they can hear us. And…

THE WALLS ARE THIN. We can hear our neighbors yelling at their kids, cussing, laughing, and all. And it makes me uneasy because I’m like holy freaking nuts man, if we can hear them, they can hear us just as well? It’s unsettling, and I feel like I’m constantly trying to walk silently, talk silently, and hushing my kids cause I don’t want to disturb any of our new neighbors. It’s tiring and taxing.

NOISY NEIGHBORS AND KIDS. HOLY CRAP. When we initially looked at the property, it seemed quiet. I hoped that it was. I mean the chairs in front of the other apartments should have been an indication that it wasn’t. There are kids in this complex that run up and down the stairs, the wooden stairs that lead up to each apartment, screaming and stomping, throughout the afternoon. Last Sunday morning the family next to us had their music turned up, bass on, door open, hanging out on their porch.

I HAVE SEVERE SOCIAL ANXIETY so now, I’m always paranoid that someone will be standing outside when I leave. And there usually is. The other night, around 11pm, I had to go grab some things from the car and a bunch of teenagers were just standing around my car. I smiled, nodded, and said hey, and they said nothing and just stared.

OH, AND THE TEENAGERS. Yes, there are teenagers in this apartment complex, too. There’s one dude that at least acknowledges me when I smile and say hello. But the rest? I say hello, smile, and they look at me, glare, then turn and just keep walking off. A few of the adults have done this to me, too.

THE TOILET HAS BEEN BACKED UP since the day we moved in. We had a plumber check it out the 2nd day we were here, and it looked like it cleared. But the next day it got backed up again! I looked into the toilet tank and found that the flapper was old, worn out, and the side had decayed off so it wasn’t fully covering the drainage area.

The flapper looked like a pink piece of cardboard. So we had another person look at it, and he replaced the flapper. He said the toilet was still backed up, and that we need to have another plumber look at it. They were supposed to send a plumber today, but no one called or showed up. So as of today, the toilet has been backed up.

In better news, the property management has been good, so far, with our maintenance requests. That’s a plus, amid all this nonsense, even if it hasn’t been solved, yet.

THE PARKING LOT IS TINY. There’s only one parking space for the 7 apartment tenants. That’s it. No free spaces, or open spaces for guests, at all. And the curb in front of the parking area? Painted red, so you can’t even park out front. Good luck to anyone visiting. I wasn’t even sure where to park the U-haul if we had decided to get one? I mean, everything about this place screams unfriendly.

Although, I will say that we also have a detached garage and a parking space. So technically, anyone that visits can use our garage or parking space. But that is if we only have one visitor, with one car. But at least it’s something.


I TALKED TO MY WIFE about this. I’m filled with anxiety, I’m tired, frustrated, irritated, and I feel like this move was a mistake. I had kind of a bad feeling in my gut when we first got the call. This was, truthfully, the last place on our list of apartments to move to, and I would have been happy if we never got a call back on this place. But we realized that if we didn’t move when we got the call, we could have been waiting another few months, or even a year, before something else came up. It was a move now or wait, moment. So we took it.

NO ONE CARES HERE. They’re loud, rude, and don’t really seem all that friendly. So, we decided to not to care, either. We also plan to keep to ourselves. We need to walk down those damn stairs and pass neighbors every day we leave our apartment, but we’re not under any obligation to say hello or make eye contact.

We’re not here to make friends. We’re here to take care of our business, raise our kids, and live our life. If they’re going to be like that, then we’ll just do our thing until the lease runs out in 6 months, and then move. We have a lot of plans, a lot of things to do, and these neighbors are only a part of it for a brief moment. Best not to let them ruin what we have.


I’M DISAPPOINTED. I won’t lie. I was really excited, and happy, when we first moved out. I did have my reservations, as I said, but I was hopeful. But since we moved, I’ve been on edge, my anxiety has been going out of control, and the neighbors are just irritating. But I guess that just seems to be what kind of place this is. We’ll know better next time. And we have a better idea, now, of what to look out for. At least this is our place, and we have the opportunity to do some amazing things. Screw the BS.

DON’T GET ME WRONG. I’m thankful to have our own place, to be able to sit in an office dedicated to our art and my writing. It’s definitely a good thing. It isn’t perfect, I’m kind of stressed out, but I can have peace of mind knowing that I have a place tailored to creativity. My kids can run and play. We can practice making recipes. Aside from the neighbors, the noise, and the other issues, we have our sanctuary. I need to just drown out the rest of the world through imagination and creativity.

I hope you’re doing well. Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it! So, do you have any neighbor or apartment/living situation stories? Let me know how you decided to handle it in the comments below! Please take care, and God bless! Bye~!

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