Doctor Horrible- Opinion

JEN AND I WATCHED Dr. Horrible last night.  Why have I never watched this movie?  It came out in 2008!  It is so amazing!  I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack of this genius piece of art!  The first thing that struck me were the actors.  Holy balls, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris AND Felicia... Continue Reading →

Marble Hornets- Opinion

I’VE KNOWN ABOUT the Slender Man for awhile.  I had an odd run in with a dark shadow one night in 2009.  At the time, I was a student at the Art institute of California LA.  I was having financial issues and had to live inside my van for awhile.  I was homeless for about... Continue Reading →

The Last Unicorn- Review

I GREW UP WATCHING the Hobbit, Return of the King, and Flight of Dragons by Rankin-Bass.  I recently watched all three of them, probably about last month, and still loved them!  Maybe nostalgia plays awful tricks on the mind, but I believe they’ve stood the test of time! OKAY, MAYBE NOT AS well as I... Continue Reading →

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