Supernatural Season 1-7- Review

A FEW MONTHS AGO, Jen and I sat down and got my younger sister to watch Vampire Diaries. She made a deal with us. If we watched the first episode of Sherlock and the first episode of Supernatural, she’d watch the hour equivalent of Vampire Diaries. A deal was struck, and we had an accord! ... Continue Reading →

The F Word- Review

SO, WHEN I DRAW, I like to watch something on the internet.  My preferred site, right now, is Hulu.  I usually like to have a secondary monitor (one to work on, and one to watch) but I don’t have one at the moment.  It’s kind of cramped with my work and the show on the... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time Season 1- Review

WHEN I FIRST HEARD about Once Upon a Time, I wasn’t too fond of the idea. Fairy tale characters in the real world? Lame. I saw the trailer in theaters, before the show began to air, of the Evil Queen crashing Prince Charming and Snow White’s wedding. The green screen effects were obvious, I didn’t... Continue Reading →

The Last Unicorn- Review

I GREW UP WATCHING the Hobbit, Return of the King, and Flight of Dragons by Rankin-Bass.  I recently watched all three of them, probably about last month, and still loved them!  Maybe nostalgia plays awful tricks on the mind, but I believe they’ve stood the test of time! OKAY, MAYBE NOT AS well as I... Continue Reading →

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